content management system

We are always being asked: "What CMS do you use?" or "Do you work on Drupal or Joomla?". No, guys, we don't use any of those sophisticated CMS that will deliver a complex solution for every problem in your life. Having hundreds of options, multiple methods of doing simple things, is that what you need in the end? Of course not. That's why we have a CMS that is built for each project individually.

It is comfortable, fast, clean and the last but not the least, simple to use. Even a child could use it.

We showed up some aspects down here, the most frequently modules being used in our projects.

Admin Panel
Add an item is the option very easy to find anywhere in the CMS being placed always on the top-right corner.
Admin Panel
Easy and intuitive icons to duplicate, hide, edit or remove news, pages, products and every item on the website.
Admin Panel
Drag and drop pages or even entire categories, if you want to change the order inside the menu.
Admin Panel We made administrating multiple languages website very easy. Just toggle between languages and fill in the same fields again.
Admin Panel Highlight active field, makes the filling activity less distracting and easier when adding complex entities.
Admin Panel Adding, deleting, or editing your photos is very easy to implement.
Admin Panel Search can easily find any product in the catalog based on name, code or category.
Admin Panel Switch to the table or grid view for your convenience of viewing the catalogs.
Admin Panel Make a multiple selection of items and apply one of the needed actions.