about us

We've been around for 6 great years. We planned, we sketched, we brainstormed, we designed, we redesigned, we developed and delivered. We worked hard and we achieved some cracking results. We tasted success and we liked it. We are a bunch of nice people easy to deal with. We are AMIGO and we’re only getting started!

We live and breathe digital and we have a great deal of expertise developing and managing web related projects – from exquisite landing pages to corporate websites and complex online stores by using the latest digital technologies available today.

Apart from the skills and all the hard work we have to put in when creating a successful website our team's comfort is paramount. It can be anything from the comfort of the chairs, our working area, the computers we use, and last but not least - the remuneration of each of our team members. As we are nothing but consumate perfectionists, and perfection has its price, we can't afford working on budgets lower than €3000.

There is no project too difficult for us to handle - at AMIGO we love a good old challenge. And last but not least - no client is too big and certainly not too small for us. It doesn't matter if you are a well-established brand or a new company – we will treat you like you are our only client!

Our thanks, Amigo, for instantly grasping our needs and turning them into a beautiful user-friendly site, one that is true to our brand, true to our numerous (and not simple) objectives. Our thanks, too, for bending over backwards to meet our tight immovable deadline, as well as meeting our meager NGO budget. And certainly not least, our thanks, for being a smart, skilled and super nice team to work with. Think we're a happy customer? You bet!

Francisca de Zwager

General Manager


We were looking for a team who could do a website with a highly customizable content management that gives us options to grow the webstore and potentially integrate it with our own production database at a later stage. Amigo not only could do that, but has surprised us every time with his creativity and quality results. They got strong views simply because Amigo knows how to use advanced technology to achieve top results. We are very happy with our collaboration and recommend without hesitation.

Hubert Niggli



We have been working with the Amigo team for going on three years on a variety of things from front end and back end development to web design. The team are always eager to find solutions which work for us and handle our work quickly and with care. 

Max Lewis


Kinoko Cycles

AMIGO will be your best friend. As any true creative professionals they capture your vision and make it real. They are very easy to use it took just a few emails and they nailed the site on the first draft. They deliver on-time and on budget. Everyone should be using these guys while they can.

Luke Richards


Project Go

Absolutely the best web designers one might get in the Internet. Dealing with many, I’ve found AMIGO to be the most responsive and accurate on one hand and most creative on the other. They have style and they do care about what they deliver. Multilingual Nicolae Buhnevici is top-talent and indeed very nice to work with. He listens attentively and delivers at the highest standards: most of the time you’ll be surprised how much better the result is compared to what you thought it would be.

Olga Frolova

Director for Strategy

Egorov Puginsky Afanasiev & Partners

I highly recommend AMIGO as one of the best web designing company. First of all, because they are the team of professionals that not only meet but exceed any expectations. Second, because they try to satisfy the clients’ requests within the shortest time and conform to the highest standards. They are also quick to assist in other areas of company: SEO, Content Management System, development of the mobile version of the web-site. They do have their unique style and have a private approach to each client. For sure, they may help to achieve significant and sustainable benefits for each business they work with.

Dmitry Magonya

Managing Partner


AMIGO is fantastic. The website you designed helps a lot. Visitors say about our website that it is the right one they are looking for if they will promote an effective communication with other people in this field. It is a pleasure to work with AMIGO.

Vasile Cucerescu



Our law firm works with the AMIGO team for a decade. The style that comes along with their product always fits our vision. We blame this on coincidence and good fortune to drive their fees down, but they claim professionalism, talent and dedication. They are moderately stubborn, mildly arrogant and legitimately cool. And they should be, because we do not know anyone better here in their line of business.

Alexander Turcan

Managing Partner

Turcan Cazac Law Firm